Advantages of Stripe:

Save money on annual basis. Do you know how much you spend on credit card charges? Many hoteliers do not have insights in these expenses, because they are written off in one monthly batch. With Stripe in RoomRaccoon, you might save half of the credit card transaction costs!

Prepayments can be collected automatically. You could have sold the room to someone else when a guest didn't show up. A small loss, but there are ways to prevent this! You can reduce ‘No-Shows’ by use of a mandatory prepayment – from 10 to 100 % – when they make a reservation via the Booking Engine on your website.

Keep the credit card data of your guests safe. Your guest's privacy is guaranteed because the credit card details are not visible in RoomRaccoon. The credit card details are entered by Stripe and you (or your staff) only need to press the 'charge credit card' button to collect the amount. So, it's not only safe, but also fast & easy!

How to install Stripe in RoomRaccoon?

Navigate to Account settings and login as administrator. Go to the Booking Engine-settings and you'll see Payments. Select 'Online payments via Stripe' and click on 'Connect with Stripe' . The website of Stripe will automatically open. Here you'll create your Stripe account.

Navigate to Payments.

There you'll see all payment methods. Click on activate to switch on the payment method that you want to use (momentarily, only the Cards option is available in Stripe. In the near future, new payment methods will be added).

When you've added a payment method, you'll see Live in green (as shown below).

Subsequently, navigate to Business settings in the left -menu.

Add your personal information and press save.

Finally, you have to go back to the window in RoomRaccoon that you've opened before (Account settings - Payments) and enable the payment method you switched on in Stripe. 

And, you're done!

More information about Stripe:
More information on Business settings, click here!
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