Add a Room

To set up your rooms click on the room key icon at the top left of your screen. Here you can log in with the administrator password. Once this page has opened, click on the 'Rooms' tab.

If you want to add a room, click on the + room button at the top right. A number can be entered, a name of the room that is only visible to you in the PMS and a category to which it must be linked.

Setting up your rooms

If you add a room and do not associate it with any category, you get a so-called 'grey room'. These rooms have no occupancy rate and the turnover is not included in your reports. You are able to name these accordingly; for example, notes, cancelled, conference room, etc

Adding extra rooms

A room will be assigned on the basis of the number. So if there are 5 doubles with numbering 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, then it will also be placed that way and of course skip the one that is already occupied.
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