If you are using the accounting software Xero, RoomRaccoon PMS can automatically export invoices into your Xero account. For this connection, there are a few thing that need to be done.

Find out everything you need to know aout the connection between RoomRaccoon PMS & accounting software Xero:

Status Checked-Out
RoomRaccoon PMS sends the invoices to Xero of all the newly checked-out bookings. This means a booking needs to have the status checked-out to assure that the invoice is complete and no additional charges can be added. As soon as a booking receives the status checked-out, an unique invoice number is assigned which will be added as reference into your Xero.

Fully Paid
It is common in many hotels or B&B’s that a guest checks out in the morning, however, the invoice is being paid by the company within a few weeks after the guest’s stay. Even though the status has not been changed to checked-out, the invoice is not being exported to Xero just yet. The bill needs to be settled first.

When you receive a settlement of an invoice by bank transfer, make sure to add it to the reservation.

How often are invoices exported?
RoomRaccoon exports the invoices to your Xero account every night.

I do not have a Xero account yet, how do I get it?
Get in contact with Xero in order to set up an account. As soon as you have an account, you can connect your Xero account to your RoomRaccoon account via the property settings.

Xero account?
Already have a Xero account? Great! Read the description below to find out how you can link your accountings software to your RoomRaccoon.

What do I need to do?

There are a few steps that need to be done before we can connect your Xero account. 

We will generate a certificate for you which you need to implement into your Xero account so you would need to log into this.

Go to: Go to: https://developer.xero.com/myapps/

Create new private app

Paste certificate into "public key" field

Let us know when you are done!
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