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To access your account settings, click on the gear icon at the bottom left of your screen. Once you click on this icon, you will be prompted for an 'Admin Password'. Have you never set this password before? Then the password is probably the same as the one you logged in with. Doesn't this work? Please contact us then. 

Important information
Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to your account settings screen. Here are a few things that are important:

The basic information like name, address, number, etc. will be displayed on the screen.

Your bank details are shown on your invoices. If you want to use invoicing within the system, you need to provide this information.

In addition to the bank details, other business data is also visible on your invoices. If you want to use invoicing within the system, it is important that it is filled out correctly.

The entered address will appear (by linking to Google Maps) in your automatic mail templates. Useful if you send a confirmation e-mail with directions!

The contact details are also automatically inserted into your documents when the automatic templates are used.

A standard text can be placed on the invoices. This can be filled in at the bottom right of the Account Settings page.
There are two types of passwords. A normal password and an administrator password (or the admin password as described above). These can be the same or different. An administrator password gives you access to the entire system and the normal password is restricted in some areas. CAUTION when changing the password, old credit card data, which were entered before, are not visible in the system with the new password, but only under the old password. So pay attention to this password and do not change it too often.

Ready to set up your account settings? Or just wanting to adjust something? Read all about the account settings in this article. Just simply click on the subject you would like to read more on. 


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