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Account Settings

Your account settings are one of the most important settings tabs as this is where you set your company info, currency, taxes and passwords. You will need to log in with the manager’s password to view the entire account settings tab.

On this tab, you will see basic information such as the name of the property, address, phone number, etc. Ensure that you have verified and spelt everything correctly as we will use this information on our intranet for communications.

The address you enter will be linked to Google maps in automatic mail templates. This feature is useful if you send a confirmation e-mail with directions.

Your bank details are shown on your invoices. If you want to use invoicing within the system, you need to provide this information.

The contact details are also automatically inserted into your documents when the automatic templates are used.

On passwords, you may set up a general staff password and managers password for unlimited access to settings on RoomRaccoon.

In addition to the bank details, other business data is also visible on your invoices. If you want to use invoicing within the system, it is important that it is filled out correctly.

On account settings, you may set up how many days before the guest arrival you would like the pre-stay email to be sent. You can set up how many days after the checkout you want the post-stay mail to be sent.

You may also set up city taxes and city tax rules on account settings, use the currency and taxes tab to add VAT, city tax and overrides.

Choose guest data you’d like to make mandatory on guest information field. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are all mandatory fields and you can set if you’d like only the main guest to do this in the booking or all guests.

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Good to know

Verify all company details as this is what we use to contact you should there be an issue or if you’ve requested a ticket from our support team.

When changing the password, old credit card data, which were entered before, are not visible in the system with the new password, but only under the old password. So pay attention to this password and do not change it too often

Whenever there are changes to your account settings always keep the account settings information up to date.

On general password you may enable multiple passwords for staff members on the Logins tab. When there is inactivity on RoomRaccoon the system will log out so that staff members always use the correct login information.

Make sure to always click save on all changes made on account settings.
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