3.1 Figures for the bookingkeeping

RoomRaccoon offers extensive reporting. The turnover figures shown here relate to management reporting. This management report shows the turnover per reservation including VAT and also the turnover of non-invoiced reservations. This makes this report unsuitable for direct transfer to the accounting department. For the bookkeeping, figures are needed where the VAT is broken down and what has already been invoiced. To obtain these figures, go to the list view under the reservations button in RoomRaccoon. Select a period (note, there is a limit to the download size) and possibly the filters you want to set (paid, not paid or partially paid). At the bottom of the page the different downloads can be made. By downloading the reservation invoices you will get the best overview of the accounting figures. 

3.2 Connection with accounting software

RoomRaccoon has the possibility to connect to your accounting package. All invoices created in RoomRaccoon will then be communicated to your accounting package. Anything you bill in RoomRaccoon will be assigned to a RoomRaccoon ledger account that corresponds to the ledger account in your accounting package. Important to know is that only invoiced amounts such as accommodation, add-ons and tourist tax will be sent to the accounting package. These items are transferred to the accounting package in one go. It is important that the following points are taken into account. 

The type of general ledger account must be selected for the add-ons. If the type is not selected then RoomRaccoon does not know to which general ledger account the turnover should be forwarded. With preset add-ons, the type can be set by default, but with manual add-ons, it still has to be selected. This can be done by clicking on the drop down menu.

Make sure that there is an invoice for every reservation. RoomRaccoon has a safety net for this by always generating an invoice at check-out, so also use the check-out status. This way, your administration stays up to date.

It is not compulsory, but for your own administration it is wise to fix the payments to the correct invoice. You can do this by clicking on the icon below and selecting which invoice you want to link to this payment.

3.3 Financial reports

The financial reporting in RoomRaccoon is only visible to people who use the accounting connectivity. Is there no direct link with your specific accounting program? Then it is still possible to use the financial reports for the accounting. You can find this button at the reports next to the day end. In the case of Er, all turnover per month can be downloaded to an XLS file by clicking on the download icon next to the name of the month. Next to revenue we also show the VAT amount and the balance amount.

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