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What Is the Use of the Grey Rooms in My Calendar?

One of the best features of your RoomRaccoon PMS is that you can keep bookable rooms that you do not want to sell through your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine. See below for more on grey columns.

New Room

You can add a new room such as a meeting room or a zoom meeting space in your property. To access this feature use the rooms tab in your property settings.

Give your room a recognizable name and use the room numbers to influence the sorting on your calendar.

Room Type

When choosing a room type choose none to ensure that this meeting room does not affect your occupancy rate.

This feature is great for meeting rooms, wedding venues, bars and other facilities because it adds this to your agenda without affecting your occupancy rate.

Greyed out rooms

Rooms that are not assigned are greyed out on your calendar.

This is for you to easily identify that these rooms are unbookable.

This isn’t limited to just rooms but any other venue or facility on your property.

Good to know

Click here for more on how to block off a room.

You can use the new room feature for notes or comments.

When you do not assign a room type, you can still prepare invoices.

Think of adding unassigned 'rooms' to keep track of your agenda about events in your city, to carry out your personnel planning or to add a field for your room service plan that you need in the morning.
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