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What Affects My Ranking in

What Affects My Ranking in

The ranking is how your property is displayed in available accommodation within the search results. sorts this out by relevance to the guests’ particular preferences which include past search behavior, specific market dynamics and a property’s overall performance.

Understanding your ranking

Found in the extranet, the Ranking dashboard tracks your property’s performance at each stage of the guest search journey. This tool updates regularly to show you the following results:

Search results views – the number of times guests saw your property in search results

Property views – the number of times guests viewed your property page

Bookings – the number of times guests booked your property

Popularity – the number of times your property shows in search results compared to the total number of properties in your city

Factors Influencing your ranking

Your property’s position in search results depends on your and your competitors’ performance, as well as what guests search. To increase your bookings, you need to be competitive and attractive, by staying on top of changing demand.

To provide travelers with the right offering at the right time, suggest that you review the following regularly:

Flexible policies

Guest reviews

External prices


Property page score


Conversion and ranking

Conversion, the percentage of travelers that book after visiting your page, is one of the most important factors influencing your ranking.
The algorithm is optimized for conversion and also helps the system predict the likelihood of your property being booked. If a traveler uses specific filters to find and book at your property, the algorithm will then make you visible to others with similar profiles.

Good to know

Ensure that your calendar is always up to date with as ranking is affected by the availability of dates that the guest is searching for.

You can see your property’s conversion on the Rankings dashboard in your extranet.

Updated on: 08/01/2022

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