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Payment Corrections

Payment Corrections

It can happen that things change after a payment process. If a mistake has been made there are a number of corrections you can make in order to process this for accounting purposes. Here are a few common situations that can occur.

It may happen that a booking is cancelled while payment details have already been processed. Simply select the payment method for the payment and enter the amount you want to cancel with a - minus sign in front of it.

In the example above let’s assume the reservation needs to be fully refunded. Therefore the full amount of -$47,50 will be entered.

Partly Refundable
It sometimes happens that a booking needs to be partly refunded, in this case simply enter the amount that will be refunded with a - minus sign in front of the amount.

There is still an amount of $30 to be paid in total. This is because the turnover is still too high at the moment. Reduce the turnover in Price calculation to the amount that will not be refunded. For example adding a discount rule to balance out the total, see below:

If an invoice has already been created, a credit note will have to be made to undo the tax invoice. You can see how that works under Crediting

Changing payments
If a payment is entered incorrectly and you want to change it after it has been processed in the bookkeeping, create a new line on payment and set 'paid with:' to the same type as the payment was initially made. Put the same amount with a - minus sign in front of it on that line. Then create a new line with the correct payment details. In the example below, an online payment is corrected for a cash payment.

When a reservation is checked out an invoice is created. Amounts or details can no longer be adjusted. If you have made a mistake, it is possible to credit your invoice so that you can delete too many invoiced elements from the account.

You can then select the type of invoice at the top of the page on the right hand side, where you can select credit if you would like to cancel (parts of) an existing invoice. Then select the elements you want to credit. In this case, if it's not the elements but the details of the person who isn't correct, you credit the entire invoice and create a new one with a new name.

Finally, you can create a new invoice by clicking on the icon again and creating a new invoice.

Good To Know!

As soon as you create a new invoice, it will also receive a new invoice number. Make sure you select the correct invoice number in your reservation by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting the last invoice you made. The old invoice will NOT be replaced.

Updated on: 09/22/2022

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