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My Check-in Online Button Doesn’t Work in Ota Message Inbox - What Should I Do?

The online check-in call to action is in HTML format and some OTA inbox systems don’t accept this format hence the button will not work. However, through the RoomRaccoon pre-stay email, guests are able to open their online check-in directly from their mailbox.

When the pre-stay document has been set up and guests inform you that they are not able to open the online-check in:

Find out where they are trying to open the link from

If they are trying to open it from the OTA inbox i.e., ask them to check the email that they’ve used on for the pre-stay email.

Tip: You can advise them to search for the subject of your pre-arrival email.

Once the client has found the email they can simply check in online using the link on the email.

Good to know

For more on how to set up the pre-stay email, click here.
If your client cannot find the email in their inbox, you can advise them to check their spam box. Sometimes e-mail providers archive emails from big corporations and these end up in the spam inbox.
In some OTA channels you will need to select an option to redirect emails to your guest's email address i.e. Airbnb.
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