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Integrated Payment Service Providers

RoomRaccoon offers a wide variety of online payment providers with which we connect. The PSP's (Payment Service Provider) we connect to right now are:


Card Stream

Peach Payments (South Africa only)

PayGate (South Africa only)

RaccoonPay (Europe only)

Guaranteed revenue in the event of a no show: Send pre/payment requests to your guests requiring either a partial or full down payment on their reservation. Hoteliers can now guarantee revenue by setting up automatic prepayment requests in your booking engine. All transactions will reflect in both your RoomRaccoon PMS and payment service provider (PSP)

One click credit card charges: All card details are completed by your PSP allowing you or your staff to simply click charge credit card within the reservation.

Transaction costs are lower: The transaction costs are significantly lower than at your own bank as you don't pay a subscription fee and your selected PSP doesn't differentiate between the type of credit card the transaction is made with.

Safe and Secure: Guest’s card details are never revealed within their reservations, making it the most secure option for payments.

Pre-authorization: Allows you to reserve an amount on the guest's credit card for a maximum of 7 days.

Refund: Refund your guests at any time.

POS card machine: A RoomRaccoon card machine that is affordable and fully integrated with your RoomRaccoon PMS.

Send out payment reminders: Is an invoice overdue? You can easily send a payment reminder via the debtors report.

Guest payment confirmations: Guests will automatically receive a confirmation email when a payment has successfully been processed.
View all of your payments and payouts on your RaccoonPay Dashboard


What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure payments are credit card transactions whereby the cardholder not only enters their card details, but will also be required to enter a code or password sent to them via their bank. This reduces the risk of fraud (transactions carried out with a stolen card) and guarantees your payment as the cardholder can no longer claim a chargeback.

What is the cost of RaccoonPay?

The cost of RaccoonPay varies per payment method:

iDEAL/Maestro POS/V-pay POS: £0,29 + 0,2%

Giropay & Bancontact: £0,25 + 1,6%

European cards; VISA/Mastercard/Amex: £0,25 + 1,6%

Non-European cards: VISA/Mastercard/Amex: £0,25 + 3,1%

Virtual Credit Cards: £0,25 + 3,1%

€0,- once off fee & £0,- subscription fee

Card machine service fee: £40 p/m & £0,- once off fee

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