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HRS-DS Connection

HRS-DS Connection

Type of interface

RoomRaccoon transmits prices, availability and booking restrictions to HRS-DS. All other data or settings such as cancellation conditions, payment conditions, additional services or content must still be managed in the extranet of HRS-DS.

The following booking data, if available, will be transferred from HRS-DS to RoomRaccoon:

Number of persons

Booker name

Guest name


Length of stay


Additional services

Prepare interface

Important: Hotel admin settings must be activated.


In order to establish an interface with HRS-DS, all room categories that are available in HRS-DS must also be available and linked in RoomRaccoon. It is not possible to leave room categories from HRS-DS unlinked. However, it is possible to leave room categories from RoomRaccoon unlinked and therefore not offer them on HRS-DS. Ideally, the number of room categories on HRS-DS and RoomRaccoon should match.
Offer fewer room categories than before? This is possible, the obsolete room categories can be deleted or deactivated before the interface is created on HRS-DS.


All rates to be linked have to be set by the hotelier at HRS-DS as well as at RoomRaccoon. It is important that these can be clearly assigned to each other by name. In addition to a standard rate, HRS-DS offers 9 further rates which are to be named in the extranet of HRS-DS. All rates that are not required must be deactivated by removing the tick.

Extra bed surcharge

HRS-DS allows RoomRaccoon to transmit a standard usage rate and a single usage rate. Should there be a surcharge for each additional person beyond the standard usage rate, this must be entered manually by the hotelier in the extranet of HRS-DS.

Afterwards, the price overview looks like this:

Minimum and maximum stay

HRS-DS distinguishes between two different types.

Normal min./max. stay: Applies on the day of arrival.

Continuous min./max. stay: Applies on every booked day.

RoomRaccoon can only trigger the normal min./max. stay. If a continuous min./max. stay is desired, this must be set manually by the hotelier in the extranet of HRS-DS.

Request interface

The interface between HRS-DS and RoomRaccoon can be requested through the connectivity tab in these 5 steps:

Click on the orange gear on the bottom left of the screen.

Enter the Connectivity tab.

Go to the Booking Channel tab of connectivity center. On HRS click on the green + icon and the request to connect.

Your connection request has been successfully added and our support team will be in touch with you.

Good to know!

The one-time start-up fee of 119$ for new customers at HRS-DS is waived for RoomRaccoon customers.

Updated on: 08/01/2022

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