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How To Use Discount Codes Wisely

How To Use Discount Codes Wisely

Discount codes are a great tool to keep guests coming to your property as well as giving them something to look forward to.

RoomRaccoon understands the need for hotels to be flexible now more than ever during these unprecedented pandemic times. A 2020 study notes that 73% of customers cited free cancellations as the reason for booking a property. This is understandable considering limitations on travel with the pandemic.

Using Discount Codes Wisely

Implement a pop-up on your website where the code is visible and directly links to your RoomRaccoon booking engine. Add the discount code to your booking engine link and let people book through the link to directly get the discount. For more on how to create a discount pop-up on your website, click here.

Send the post-departure mail to thank your guests for their stay and include the code so that they get a discount on their next stay.

During the low season, you can use a bulk action (via a mass mailing software) to mail your customers a discount code. You can find their email details on the booker information.

If you want to give a one-time discount to a guest, for example, to accommodate the guest in case of a complaint, you can also set the code for one-time use.

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For more on how to create discount campaigns, click here.

Updated on: 08/01/2022

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