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How to Create a Package Deal

How to Create a Package Deal

Create an amazing package deal for your guests with a combination of your add-ons by including dinner, day activities or access to your wellness center in your rate, for a stay your guests will find hard to resist.

How to Setup a Package Deal

Click on the property setup icon and navigate to the Categories tab.

Select the category you would like the package to be included in and click on + New Rate.

Give your package a name, in this case it is a Valentine’s weekend special.

Enter the package rate, the prepayment requirement and whether to make it visible on your booking engine.

Choose whether to include breakfast in the deal.

On the right side of the page you will find the package field, here you can select to include the add-ons in the package price or to exclude the add-ons from the price.

Select which add ons you would like to include in the package.

Select how you want this package to be shown in the invoice. For more on how to manage add-ons in the invoice, click here.

Click Save.

Good to know

For more on add-ons and how to set them up, click here.

Add-ons can be shown in different ways on the invoice depending on the agreements of the package. For more on this, click here

Updated on: 07/29/2022

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