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How to Connect to Airbnb

Would you like to link your Airbnb listings to RoomRaccoon? Full integration is possible by following the below steps.

Connect to Airbnb

Click on the gear icon at the bottom left of the screen and then click on the connectivity tab.

Under available connections, click on the OTA tab and select Airbnb by clicking on the green +

You will be redirected to Airbnb and will be required to log in to your Airbnb account.

Once you have agreed to the terms you will be redirected back to your RoomRaccoon account.

Open the Airbnb connection by clicking on the green pencil icon.

I already have listings on Airbnb

In this case, you already have listings on Airbnb which are being imported by RoomRaccoon for the connection. If you do not have any listings on Airbnb yet, proceed to Scenario 2.

At the top you will see 'Airbnb unmapped listings', these are the listings that have been imported from your Airbnb account. Please be aware that these are your pre-existing listings. In order to connect them you will have to follow three steps:

Map the listing

Choose the listing you want to start with and click on map
Choose the room type
Choose the base rate (in most cases 1P Airbnb, a surcharge per extra person can be added later)
Click on the map listing


Find this listing on the left side within the unfinished listings
Click on connect/publish

Update listing on Airbnb

The listing will then move to the right side to the finished listings
Click on update listing on Airbnb to finish the set-up
Choose the type of the connection
Fill in all required information
Click on update in the top right corner

There are two ways to manage Airbnb listings on RoomRaccoon. You can choose to just communicate rates and availability or manage the listing and the rates and availability. For more on how to manage listings, click here.

I don't have Airbnb listings for my room types yet

If you have a room type in RoomRaccoon that is not yet listed on Airbnb you will be able to scroll down to 'not finished' and click on 'list on Airbnb'.

Click on the list on Airbnb
Fill in the required information
Publish the listing
Update the listing on Airbnb.

We recommend you create a separate set of rates for Airbnb, which are connected to each other but not connected to the rates you use for other channels. Click here how to do that.

Unmapped Listing from Airbnb

If you have listings from Airbnb that you do not want to be mapped to RoomRaccoon there is a way for you to do this with the “not to be mapped” button. This means that we will not map these listings to RoomRaccoon so that you can manage those listings with Airbnb directly.

For more on unmapping listings from Airbnb, click here

Good to know

There is no added cost to connecting with Booking channels on RoomRaccoon.

For more on how to map rate plans to channels, click here

For Airbnb Plus listings, only rates & availability can be communicated.

Airbnb reservations are imported in RoomRaccoon showing Airbnb as the booker and no booking confirmation will be sent.
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