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How To Add An Inventory To The Add-Ons

If, for example, you only have 3 extra beds or baby cots in your accommodation, you can create an inventory for your add-ons. This way you can be sure that it is never over-booked or run out.

How does this work?

Click on the the Room Type Icon on the left hand side of the screen and open the Add-Ons Tab.

Click on a saved add-on or create a new add-on.

Select the applicable tick boxes, per person or per night.

Click on the per multiple option. Enter the amount you have in your inventory.

Enter the maximum amount available to book at one time. Can only 1 babybed be booked in a room? Add 1 to the Max. bookable in the Booking engine.

Go to the room type where the add-on can be booked and tick this add-on for this specific room type.


Say you have 10 rooms at your hotel and you have 3 extra beds. Only your Deluxe Rooms can accommodate an extra bed per room. Therefore indicate a maximum limit of 3 per day and a maximum of 1 bookable via the booking engine. The bed must be calculated per night and taken from the inventory.

Good to know!

The combination of an add-on with an inventory per night can no longer be manually changed in number. So do you want to keep an inventory of a bicycle, for example? Make sure that it is not charged per night.
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