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How to Activate RaccoonPay

How to Activate RaccoonPay!

Great! You want to get started with RaccoonPay. In order to make your activation as smooth as possible, we would like to ask you to read this article carefully. RaccoonPay has to comply with strict regulations to be able to process payments, therefore it is possible that after sending the documents and during the onboarding several or extra documents are requested to validate the accommodation. The correct delivery of all documents is therefore very important to complete everything quickly.

In order to help, the RaccoonPay team and implementation managers will guide you in this process. Below you can already see in general what is required for us to validate the activity of your accommodation, and how the onboarding process looks like.


Proof of company registration, preferably a recent document. We aim to have a document that is no older than 6 months. If you don't have that, please provide us with a recent insurance document.

A document that states the connection between the accommodation name and the legal company name. This is important and without this document, RoomRaccoon is not able to guarantee the activation of RaccoonPay.

Business bank statement (max 6 months old) | Please note: the name of the company, the bank account number, the logo of the bank concerned & the date have to be visible on this document.

A copy ID or passport of all shareholders visible on the company registration document. Not clear who all the shareholders are? Please provide us with a shareholders register as well.

Terms & Conditions on the Booking Engine. This can be filled in during the onboarding.
Make sure that general Terms & Conditions, a Privacy Policy and all company details are visible on your own website. The following company details must be visible:

The legal company name
The general mail address
The company registration & VAT number
The accommodation address

Prepared all the steps? Great! Then we can activate RaccoonPay now!

In your RoomRaccoon PMS click on the Payments icon
Navigate to the RaccoonPay tab and click on Start with RaccoonPay.

A lot of information has been pre-filled, but we need to know everything about your business.

Enter the shareholders and add a shareholders register.

Indicate how many card machines you will use via RaccoonPay and fill in your payment preferences.

Fill in your Terms and Conditions for your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine.

Please review your data and take a close look on the RaccoonPay Terms and Conditions.
Click send! We will activate your account as soon as possible.

Good To Know!

If we are missing any of the above mentioned documents, you will receive an email asking for the required documents to be sent again. Guests are not yet able to make payments. So make sure you are easily accessible!
If you are not sure which documents are still required, you can reach us through our ticketing center. Click here to open a new ticket.

Updated on: 08/01/2022

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