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How RoomRaccoon Promotes Contactless Stay?

How RoomRaccoon Promotes Contactless Stay?

Hotel properties need to have stringent safety precautions especially in turbulent times during the pandemic, guests want to be comfortable with no compromise on their safety and exposure.

We have a contactless stay sticker for you to add to your website which will let prospective guests know that your accommodation maintains a contactless stay to ensure customer safety.

How does RoomRaccoon Promote Contactless Stay?

To be contactless stay compliant we recommend that our customers use the following feature of RoomRaccoon to minimize exposure as much as possible.

Online check-in

Online payments or via RacoonPay contactless card machine.

Online Upselling with Raccoon Upsell

Keyless access to rooms through one of our many key connections.

Moreover, it’s important for you to ensure that your property

Is thoroughly disinfected, provides meals as room service.

Has multiple sanitizing stations - offer sanitizers in rooms too.

Provide 1.5 meters distance between the guests and the team

Good to know

Get your contactless stay logo here!

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Please see our updated pricing policy for added packages

Updated on: 08/01/2022

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