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How Does the ‘Proforma’ Invoice Work?

A 'proforma' invoice is actually a draft invoice. It's meant to give your guest information in advance and when a booking is cancelled no credit nota will be created. How does RoomRaccoon's proforma invoice work?

How does RoomRaccoon's proforma work?

RoomRaccoon prepares proforma invoices and they stay proforma until the moment the booking is checked-out. After check-out, the invoice will be definitive.

How do I send a proforma invoice?

You're able to send a proforma invoice as a quotation by mail. The mail will report it as an invoice. Want to send the proforma differently? You can! Create an extra document in which you design your own format. RoomRaccoon works with 'replace tags', which allow you to retrieve specific information from a reservation (e.g, the name of your guest or the total price).

How does the proforma invoice work with pre-payments?

You can send the proforma invoice whenever guests or companies want to pay a part of the invoice in advance. They can use the reservation number as a reference. You can send them the official invoice when they check-out.
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