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Frequently Asked Questions About Sending Invoices

With Invoicing being such an integral part of the RoomRaccoon experience, we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients.

Why does the status not change in the invoice overview?

When an invoice is sent from RoomRaccoon, the envelope icon in the overview gets a grey colour. If this does not happen in your overview, it is possible that the language is not set correctly. Take a look at the language versions to see if an invoice might have been sent in another language version.

Can I change invoices in RoomRaccoon?

When an invoice has been sent to one of your guests, it is not possible to adjust it afterwards. The only way to solve this is to create a credit note. For more on creating a credit note, click here.

To create a credit note, see the following steps:

Go to the reservation and click on the make new invoice icon.

Change the type from Tax invoice to “Credit Note”.

Select the elements you’d like to remove and click on “Create Invoice”

If you go back to “view invoice” you will see the credit note applied that you can print or send through to your guest.

Linked Reservations and Invoices

Usually when you check-out a reservation, an invoice is generated automatically however with linked reservations this needs to be done manually.

How to manually create an invoice on linked reservations

Access the reservation that is linked to another reservation.

Access the documents tab and click on “Make a New Invoice”

Select all the elements you would like to add to the invoice.

Click on “Create Invoice”

The Invoice is ready to be sent using the envelope icon on documents.

Good to know

When making a credit note the original invoice is not cancelled. For more on creating credit invoices, click here.

For more on how to link reservations, click here.
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