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Currency Converter

To attract global guests and improve their experience with your booking engine, the booking engine has a currency converter to give more informed data on rates.

Where do I find the currency converter?

Go to Rates&Availability by clicking on the Rates&Availability icon on the left side of the screen.

At the top right of your Rates&Availability page, you will notice an option to change the currency.

Currency Converter on the Booking Engine.

At the top right of your booking engine page, you will notice an option to change the currency.

How accurate is RoomRaccoon forex data, and where does it come from?

Our spot exchange rates are sourced from a very broad base of commercial sources and banks around the world, each of varying types and frequencies.

The larger weighting particularly for major currencies is towards commercial sources as they more accurately reflect the trading occurring in the markets.

In order to ensure the highest possible level of data coverage and accuracy, RoomRaccoon system relies on a very distinct “validation and fallback” algorithm, assigning different priorities to each data source and validating each forex rate as it enters our databases.

If a source fails to deliver an accurate quote, the next highest provider is queried for this particular currency pair. This enables us to sort out possible inaccuracies and provide the vast majority of all spot exchange rates with a precision of six decimal places.

Good to know

When you are viewing your rates in another currency on rates and availability, you will not be able to change rates until the default currency is selected.

The amount shown to the client is only for visual purposes, they will still pay in your set currency. If your account is set in Pounds, they will still pay in pounds, regardless of if they view it in their own currency.
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