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Adding a New Channel

Adding a New Channel

Adding new channels is a great way to increase market share and improve on global visibility. With RoomRaccoon you may link with other booking channels via two links, the iCal and the XML.

When you set up an iCal link with RoomRaccoon it will add all reservations from other channels like Airbnb and

If the individual iCals of these channels are also imported, you have a chance that your reservations will be in a so-called 'loop'. If one channel updates a little less quickly than another for example, it will read the availability of a checked-out reservation again. So keep in mind that with your external channels like AirBnB, HomeAway, etc. you only import the iCal from RoomRaccoon.

If you want to connect to a channel like Expedia that we have a full two-way connection with, it's a lot easier. There will only be a request to be made to the channel in question and the rest will run through us. Assume that when making such a link you have to 'mirror' the layout of your RoomRaccoon to your other channels. This means that the information in your RoomRaccoon account must correlate with all your channels.

Good to know

An iCal only communicates availability and not prices. You will need to retrieve it in the extranet of the channel in question.

Click here for more on how to create your own iCal link

Updated on: 08/01/2022

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