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Adding a Company Name to an Invoice

Adding a Company Name to an Invoice

On RoomRaccoon you can add the company name on the invoice by accessing the reservation and adding the name on the “company” field.

How to add a company name to the invoice

Click on the reservation.

When you are in the reservation click on the name of the booker.

Here you can add all of the company details the guest would like included in their invoice.

Go back to the reservation overview and scroll down until you reach the documents section.

Click on the document with a + sign on it to create an invoice.

Change the name and make sure it appears on the booker's name after you have added the company's details.

Select all (or only a part) of what may appear on this invoice and click on Create invoice in the top left-hand corner.

You can view the invoice and see that the company details are now at the top left of the invoice.

Good To Know

If you’ve made an error on your invoice, create a credit note.

When you create a credit note, the original invoice will not be deleted.

Ensure that you have verified the company details before saving them.

Updated on: 08/01/2022

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